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Open time

Winter Hours:
Everyday: 7AM to 7PM
Summer Hours:
Everyday: 7AM to 9PM
Christmas and Thanksgiving

providing top quality towing and roadside assistance services when you need them

Car wash service

Clean vehicle and attractive exterior demonstrate both its owner image and become element of culture and upbringing as well as means for self-expression, attitude to people and world around us.

Also we have big closed truck parking and comfortable entrance.

    • Maintenance of different vehicle types

      • SMALL SIZE $ 19.99
      • MEDIUM SIZE $ 24.99
      • LARGE SIZE $29.99
      • MEDIUM VAN AND PICK UP $34.99
      • LARGE VAN & PICK UP TRUCK $39.99
      • SMALL TRUCK $59.99 (16 FT)
      • LARGE TRUCK & BUS $79.99 (24 FT)

      There is a waiting room for the drivers during the truck washing, Wi-Fi internet and free coffee.

      Do you have any complaints or suggestions regarding our level of service at car wash stations?

      Please call
      +1 800 559 6580
      Email us